The town of Schwäbisch Gmünd lends itself as a starting point for several destinations on the Swabian Alb.

The forest adventure path “Naturatum” is a 2.5-km-long marked loop trail in the Taubental Recreational Forest near Schwäbisch Gmünd. 20 stations motivate visitors to discover, learn, and play in the forest. The NATURATUM forest adventure path invites young and old to discover the forest. There are problems to solve, skills to try out, and fun to be had.

The castle ruins of Hohenrechberg lie on a spur of the Hohenrechberg peak, which together with Hohenstaufen and Stuifen belongs to the “Drei Kaiserberge”, or three emperor’s mountains. The ruins can be seen from throughout the Schwäbisch Gmünd – Göppingen region.

With a 5-km-long hiking path, visitors can experience the unique limes fortifications at Schwäbisch Gmünd. The path leads away from the car park through the Rotenbach Valley to the place where the limes meets the border of the Roman provinces Germania Superior and Raetia. Here, the limes of Germania Superior with its wall and ditch meets the Raetian wall. Thus, it is a great opportunity to see both forms of the Roman border fortification system in one place.
The hiking path then follows the Raetian wall, and with a total of seven stations, leads back to the car park. If your curiosity has been piqued, you can learn about the building and development of the limes, its condition today, as well as the fort at Freimühle.

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